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Celebration Of Hope 2019: Be A Part Of This City-Wide Endeavour

Momentum for the Celebration of Hope has been steadily on the rise in the past months, as the vision for COH is being shared across the Body of Christ in Singapore. Over the past month, the Chairman of COH Bishop Rennis Ponniah, Executive Secretary of COH Rev Tony Yeo, and the Assistant Executive Secretary of COH Rev Lewis Lew, have been continuously on the road, reaching out to different groups of Pastors and Leaders of Churches and Christian Organisations, sharing the vision of COH, and inviting the leaders of these Churches and Christian Organisations to be a part of this city-wide endeavour by signing up as a COH Partner Church/Organisation. It is a clarion call for 3 things which are on the Fathers' heart: (1) Brokenness in Prayer, (2) One-ness in the Body, and (3) Fruitfulness in the harvest.

Many Churches Signed Up As COH Partner Churches

The COH Vision was shared at the Pastors’ and Leaders’ Gathering with J John to 560 Pastors and Leaders from 135 Churches and Christian Organisations. Subsequently, it was shared to the Network of Filipino Churches in Singapore, the Singapore Anglican Indian Board where 300 Indian Pastors were present, 120 AOG Pastors who were present at the AOG Pastors’ Prayer Meeting,134 Children Ministry Pastors and Leaders from 50 churches at the Children and Families’ COH Meeting, and more than 400 Indian Pastors and Intercessors at the Indian Pastors’ Prayer and Fasting Gathering at St Andrew’s Cathedral. The wide spectrum of people groups and denominations that have been reached out to, is a reflection of the desire of the COH Organising Committee to rally the Church in Singapore to unite regardless of race, language, and denomination, something ,which they believe, is also on the heart of our Father. Up to date, many churches across all denominations have signed up as COH Partner Churches.

The diversity in the Body of Christ in Singapore is reflected not just in the different people groups and denominations, but also in the different age groups, and thus the COH Organising Committee is also reaching out to the younger generation. On 4 September 2018, Bishop Rennis Ponniah, Rev Edmund Chan (COH Advisor), and Rev Tony Yeo, together with 3 Pastors from the younger generation-Rev Pacer Tan (Lighthouse Evangelism), Rev Andrew Yeo (Cornerstone Community Church), and Rev Daniel Khong (Faith Community Baptist Church), met with 176 youth and young leaders at the COH Young Leaders’ Engagement. It was a panel question and answer session, and the attendees were encouraged to ask questions that they may have pertaining to the COH. Questions that were asked covered a wide range of topics. Some of the questions that were posed to the panellists are:

  1. How was the vision of COH birthed? How do we know that this vision is from God?
  2. How is COH personal evangelism on a mass scale if we are bringing people to a stadium to listen to an Evangelist? Where is the personal evangelism part of it?
  3. Of all the Christian Denominations in Singapore, what percentage of them are supportive of COH? Is the church in Singapore united in this endeavour?
  4. How will the follow up process be conducted?
  5. What training opportunities and programs are being made available for the equipping of the body for this year of proclamation?

These were the top-voted questions that the attendees wanted to ask, and the Panel spent the evening answering these questions. Apart from the COH Young Leaders’ Engagement, the COH vision was also shared with 100 Youth Pastors and Leaders at the FOPx Network Dinner.

Sign Up To Be A Partner Church

COH is still very much open to any Church or Christian Organisation. As the Chairman, Bishop Rennis Ponniah, has said- COH is like a train which has already started moving, but is still available for any church or organisation to jump onboard at any time. The COH Organising Committee will continue to grasp every chance that comes their way to engage Pastors and Leaders from all parts of the Body of Christ in Singapore.

Your Church or Christian Organisation can sign up to be a partner Church by filling in this form and returning it to the COH office.