Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Performing air conditioner maintenance is essential to ensure not only the best energy efficiency of the unit, but also to avoid health risks, extend its life span, and save money with unforeseen repairs – which can also cause the unit to completely shut down.

An air conditioner requires attention to ensure that it is operating at its maximum efficiency and quality. To help you learn about the three main types of maintenance that your unit can undergo, we describe them below, outlining the benefits of each and when each should occur. Check them out!

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is indicated when the equipment fails or wears out, and no longer operates as expected. This procedure is composed of a set of methods that aim to restore, correct, and recover the capacity of the air conditioner.

The big problem with this type of maintenance is that it shortens the life cycle of the unit, and that you are at the mercy of luck and may have a broken air conditioner during the periods when the system is most used.

That is why corrective maintenance should ideally only happen on rare occasions. But how to achieve this? By investing in preventive and predictive maintenance of the equipment.

Preventive maintenance

It may seem more expensive to have to spend on air-conditioning maintenance without it being defective. However, without a doubt, this is the cheapest and most warranted procedure. Preventive maintenance aims to correct defects before they manifest themselves or cause major damage.

Take your car, for example. Isn’t it much better to change the engine oil, the brake pads, and other parts before they cause damage (which can be serious) to the car? With any equipment, such as your computer or washing machine, the same principle applies, so it would be no different with air-conditioning maintenance.

The great advantage of preventive maintenance is that it can be scheduled so that you are not caught by surprise. The procedures it applies can prevent most equipment defects, reducing corrective maintenance to a minimum.

The preventive maintenance of an air conditioning unit is mainly linked to its periodical cleaning. This ensures that the unit keeps running and always maintains the same level of air quality.

Predictive maintenance

This is a variation of preventive maintenance, where components are replaced or checked before they show any defects. This is done based on studies that determine the MTBF, short for Maximum Time Between Failures.

Going back to the example of the car, there are studies done by the manufacturers that determine the time (marked in months or kilometers driven) in which certain vehicle maintenance should be carried out, such as the oil change already mentioned.

The same applies to air conditioners. Let’s say that a manufacturer has determined that the useful life of the air-conditioning filter is 6 months. Performing predictive maintenance means changing the filter before this time expires, even if everything is apparently fine with it, to ensure that no problems occur with the unit.

Hopefully, we have given you some information that will help to narrow down the seemingly infinite options about aircon servicing price that meets your needs and budget.

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